Our wines from Bodegas Nodus.


Young organic red wine of Tempranillo and Garnacha grapes.

Estás en la Parra… CHAVAL Macabeo

Young and organic white wine. With VEGAN certification.

Estás en la Parra… CHAVAL white

Excellent young and organic white wine. With VEGAN certification.

Estás en la Parra… CHAVAL rosé



Excellent young and organic rosé wine.

Estás en la Parra… CHAVAL

Young red wine with fruity notes of bobal. 100% organic wine. With VEGAN certification.

En la parra white

Young white wine 100% organic, with a characteriatis aromas of Chardonnay and a touch of Moscatel adding slight of sweetness. With VEGAN certificaction.

En la parra red

Young red wine 100% Bobal. Organic wine. With VEGAN certification.

Nodus Chardonnay

Our own El Renegado estate grow the Chardonnay grapes which, once the must has been fermented in young oak barrels, create this unbeatable wine. Organic wine.

Nodus Bobal Rosé

A young rosé wine from our flagship Nodus brand. The best Bobal variety grapes from our vineyards are carefully selected to produce this Rosé wine. Designation of origin: Utiel-Requena. Organic wine.

Nodus Sauvignon Blanc

White wine made from grapes of the Sauvignon Blanc variety. Organic wine.

Nodus Signature Red Wine

An excellent barrel matured red wine. This Nodus comes from carefully selected grapes from our vineyards, making a great varietal wine.

Nodus Bobal

The Bobal grape variety, which is native to our region, creates a wine which is aged in barrels and strikes the perfect balance between balance and a character all its own. Organic wine.

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