Nodus brand wines and Cavas.
This series encompasses high quality wines with character and aromas all their own, giving each wine its own personality through different coupages and ageing in French and American oak.
Nodus, the company flagship. Today we enjoy a wide variety of products, though our origins and success are largely thanks to two of our wines, Nodus Tinto de Autor and Nodus Chardonnay.
This range of wines is noted for its painstaking production process, ageing in French oak and individually numbered bottles.
The production of Nodus Tinto de Autor has been a pioneering process, creating a wine that is unsurpassed value for money.
Today Nodus offers one of the most diverse ranges on the market.
It has earned its place on the best wine lists and in specialist stores, having won these coveted awards.

Nodus Chardonnay

Our own El Renegado estate grow the Chardonnay grapes which, once the must has been fermented in young oak barrels, create this unbeatable wine. Organic wine.

Nodus Bobal Rosé

A young rosé wine from our flagship Nodus brand. The best Bobal variety grapes from our vineyards are carefully selected to produce this Rosé wine. Designation of origin: Utiel-Requena. Organic wine.

Nodus Sauvignon Blanc

White wine made from grapes of the Sauvignon Blanc variety. Organic wine.

Nodus Signature Red Wine

An excellent barrel matured red wine. This Nodus comes from carefully selected grapes from our vineyards, making a great varietal wine.

Nodus Bobal

The Bobal grape variety, which is native to our region, creates a wine which is aged in barrels and strikes the perfect balance between balance and a character all its own. Organic wine.

Nodus Reserva de Familia

Excellent Reserva De Familia red wine. Macerated and matured in oak barrels for 18 months. Try this excellent wine, one of our bestsellers.

Nodus Merlot Delirium

Delirium is made from a careful selection of Merlot grapes and is one of our finest wines. This single variety Merlot is truly deserving of every praise.

Nodus Oleo

A fruity and elegant olive oil which is the product of early olives from centuries old trees and four generations of experience.

Nodus Summun

The flavour of the Tempranillo, the full body of the Merlot and the character of the Cabernet Sauvignon combine to make Summum an exceptional wine.

Nodus Cava Plata

Nodus Cava Plata is an accomplished Brut Nature cava made from the finest Macabeo and Chardonnay grapes. An elegant cava which is excellent value for money.

Nodus Cava Reserva

Nodus Cava Reserva is an accomplished Brut Nature cava made from the finest Macabeo and Chardonnay grapes giving it a balance and sophistication typical of our flagship Nodus brand.