Capellana brand wines. Classic and traditional.
These are wines made from the tempranillo grape variety, with a fruity, well structured and well defined profile so typical of the tempranillo grape. Elegant, lively wines to enjoy every day.

Capellana White

This wine is produced from a selection of Macabeo grapes which give it a generous, balanced character. It is a full, elegant wine rich in sensations with an agreeable, persisitent finish.

Capellana Rosé

A variety native to the Utiel- Requena region. This wine has a unique, young character with a clear mediterranean influence.

Capellana Red

A lively and elegant Tempranillo wine.

Capellana Tinto de Autor

This signature wine is produced from Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo grapes. It is matured for 7 months in American oak barrels.