Organic wine

In this category we have all of the wines we produce which are registered organic.

Although not all of our wines are certified as organic, we only practice organic agriculture on the entire estate.

Actum Rosé

The best Bobal variety grapes from our vineyards are carefully selected to produce this Organic Rosé wine.

Descaro white Vermouth

Just observing this white vermouth, you can see the "WITTY WAY" that it has been produced and want to enjoy a glass.

Descaro Vermouth

Just observing this deep cheekey cherry red vermouth, you can see the “witty way” that it has been produced.

Nodus Cava Rosé

New rosé cava from Bodegas Nodus.

Actum Colección White

A coupage of young white wines, in which the notes of each variety combine to create a crisp, fresh organic wine.

Actum Colección Red

A coupage of Syrah and Tempranillo, briefly matured to bring out the best of both varieties, producing a modern, very palatable organic wine.

Adolfo de las Heras – Garnacha

Red wine of the brand Adolfo de las Heras, made with the Garnacha grape variety.

Adolfo de las Heras – Sauvignon Blanc

White wine brand created in honor of the founder of the winery Adolfo de las Heras. Made from grapes of the Sauvignon Blanc variety.